First Grade Teacher Meeting, 10/28/2014

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Word Document



To complete the agenda with fidelity, you would need 60-90 minutes.


Write each problem on large chart paper and have groups solve the problem. Hang the chart for debriefing during the video.

First Grade In Action Video Link

First Grade in Action Video

This is an exceptional 24 minute video on CPalms which highlights the 8 Mathematical Practice (process standards) and shares ideas for word problems, communicating, and Routines. I recommend watching it in the segments as outlined on the note taking key and stop at each segment for teacher discussion and to chart implementation implications.

Note Taking Answer Key

from Video

If you had 2-3 hours, I would provide a blank note taking tool and have teachers watch the video and take their own notes. In my case, time was not a luxury so the note taking tool is provided so discussion is richer.

Exit Ticket

Tens Frame

Exit tickets allow students to work on a problem independently to see if learning has transferred to pencil and paper application.

Exit Ticket

Tens Frame Multiselect

With the new FSA, there will be 9 new response options for students, the rest of the exit tickets show different ways that the FSA may ask questions.

Exit Ticket

Tens Frame Equation

Exit Ticket

Dot Card Missing Addend

Exit Ticket

Mystery Number

Drag & Drop Hot Spot

Exit Ticket

Mystery Number