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This is a complete Author Study including Readers' and Writers' Workshop lessons based on the "mouse" books of Kevin Henkes.

Chets Creek Kevin Henkes Author Study
Lesson plans for Readers' and Writers' Workshop-This author Study has been completely rewritten to align with Common Core and is available from Teachers Pay Teachers for $12. It includes student work and rubrics. This unit has been taught and revised over the years and now is considered "tried and true." This wiki page supports the activites of the author study
Kevin Henkes "Mouse Books" Vocabuary is available from Teachers Pay Teachers for $6. There are vocabulary activiites for three Tier Two words in each book.

  • Official Website of Kevin Henkes. The Mouse Book pages would be great to show to the class or to put in Newsletters or blogs
for parents to look through with their child to give them more information on the author and his books.

An example of a post to introduce parents to the author study.

All About Kevin Henkes
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Resources for Kevin Henkes' books

The Mouse Books

8424179846_t.gif Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse


0061857769_t.gifWemberly Worried
  • Vocabulary Study includes vocabulary activites for radiator, neighborhood, peeked

0688147380_t.gifSheila Rae, the Brave

0688140246_t.gifA Weekend with Wendell

0688154727_t.gifChester's Way

0688143881_t.gifJulius, the Baby of the World
  • Vocabulary Study includes vocabulary activites for exuberance, disgusting, extraordinary

0060742364_t.gifLilly's Big Day

61-Efd1AhzL__SL500_AA300_.jpgPenny and Her Song

61eNlkSb2pL__SL500_AA300_.jpg Penny and Her Doll

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Student Work

Reading Responses
Reading responses are different from an official response-to-literature. The response to lit is written in Writers' Workshop. The reading response is written in Readers' Workshop and is simply a single response to something that is read. It could be a prediction, a wondering, a connection, an unknown vocabulary word, a graphic organizer of a retelling. It is the response done while reading that is used as the seed for the response-to-literature.

  • 61E37TXEG4L__SL500_AA300_.jpgKevin Henkes has written a series of small board books called a Box of Treats. Each board book uses one of Kevin Henkes' characters and tells a small narrative story about one of the holidays. These can be used to encourage students to write their own small moment using a Kevin Henkes character - 2011 example of this extension
  • Write an ending for Chester's Way

Kevin Henkes Author Study Comprehension Text

The Kevin Henkes Puppet Retelling Project
In order for parents to [[#|complete]] this project or the dress-up projects, parents need to be familiar with the books and characters so it is important to have pictures and retellings of the stories available to them. Kevin Henkes books can also be checked out of the CCE Media Center.


Celebration Day