Unit 1: Building Good Reading Habits

Unit 2: Learning Abut the World

Unit 3: Reades Have Big Jobs to Do: Fluency, Phonics, and Comprehension

Unit 4: Meeting Characters and Learning Lessons: A Study of Story Elements

  • This checklist is used by Chets Creek teachers to document guided reading A-I strategies mastered and practiced. Each teacher is encouraged to individualize the sheets depending on the strategies that she thinks are important. Each child is given a sheet depending on reading level.
  • external image msword.png Guided reading checklist J_K.doc
    external image msword.png Guided reading checklist L_M.doc
  • A blog that shows students reading their written retellings of the beginning, middle and end of a guided reading story using their own hand drawn pictures.

Independent Reading
  • A blog about Independent Reading in September at Chets Creek, "Independent Reading."
  • Gradually build up Independent Reading time to build stamina as the year progresses...starting with 10-15 minutes and building it to 30 minutes (ideally).

Genre Library - Books in this library should include fiction and non-fiction and should be in baskets according to topic.