End of the Year
Ideas for the Last Awards Ceremony
  • Have each child select someone in the classroom (everybody gets selected). Invite them to think of an award for that child (Best Jump Roper, Most Valuable Football Player, Great Artist, Good Friend) and make an award (drawing with the Award name) for that friend. On the Awards Day, call each student up and let them give the award to their friend.
  • Send home a list of all the students in the class with each student. Ask each student to write one word that best describes each student. When the lists are returned, turn each child's name into a Wordle of all the words students used to describe the child. Turn this into an "end of the year" award for each child.

Things to do the last week of school
  • Put ideas for the last week of school in balloons - one idea in each balloon. Label the balloons with the first letter of each day so you know what is coming each day. Hang the balloons from the ceiling. Each morning have a table select one of the balloons and decide how they are going to pop it. They have to pop it a way that nobody has done before.
  • Pajama and Game Day - Invite students to wear their pajamas and bring a favorite board game from home. Spend the morning playing games. Cook pancakes for breakfast.
  • Leave advice for next year's class or if you end with persuasive writing, have the students write a persuasive essay about why 1st grade is the best. This can be done by writing letters to next year's class or how about trying a voicethread and use a flip video with children telling their advice to the next class. This would make a cute Orientation video to show to next year's parents!
  • Memory Book (print in landscape)
  • Sunflower Journals.pdf End of the school Year Journal Pages to encourage positivity and happiness
  • Ask a 2nd grade class for a tour
  • Clean the desks with shaving cream.
  • Bubbles, play doh, sidewalk chalk, watercolors
  • No shoes in the classroom
  • Sit wherever you want
  • Eating under the pavilion or in the room
  • Game Day
  • Pajama Day
  • Movie and popcorn day.
  • Ten day countdown - put a note in a balloon. Leave balloons against the wall and each day pop a balloon to see what special activity you will have planned for the day. (ice cream floats, kickball game, shaving cream day, dance party)

Ideas for gifts for Room Moms/ Volunteers
  • Start with a cute class picture with individual children holding up the letters for THANK YOU. Buy a light colored matte and invite the children to each sign their first name on the matte. Put in a frame for a cherished keepsake.